dimarts, 15 de febrer de 2011


Robert de Niro is filiming in Barcelona  
Villaronga's 'Pa negre' tops Goya 2011 Awards, wins nine statues
Alex de la Iglesia: The Internet isn't the future; it's the present

Have you seen any of the films nominated for the Oscar awards 2011?

100 films to see before you die: 

Describe a film for your partner to guess:

Student 1: trailer 1, trailer 2

Student 2: trailer 1, trailer 2

Describe movie trailers and guess the film. Prepare questions

Useful expressions:

I think they're...
It seems to me that....
It is clear that...
In my opinion...

The story is set in / during...
There are three reasons why I would recommend this film: in the first place / Firstly... Secondly... To finish, ...

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