dilluns, 21 de març de 2011


Click here to see the video. Watch it twice and then describe it to your partner, who has to find a title for it

Useful vocabulary: 

  • Smart = intel.·ligent
  • Time's up = s'ha acabat el temps
  • To figure something out = descobrir, esbrinar
Follow up:

  • Do you know of anyone who's super intelligent (gifted)? Have they got any problems with relationships or at school?



Click here to see the video. Watch it twice and then describe it to your partner, who has to find a title for your video.

Useful vocabulary 

  • to run out of places = quedar-se sense lloc
  • to merge nice cities into one = unir nou ciutats en una
Follow up:

  • What are the advantages of living in a city? Do we really use all its facilities?

dimecres, 9 de març de 2011

Egyptian couple name their daughter 'Facebook'

While in some countries the risks posed by social networks do nothing more than worry parents, in others people can't do enough to show their appreciation for what social networks have done for their country and its residents. This is what occurred in the case of two Egyptian parents who decided to name their daughterFacebook as a way of celebrating the fall of Hosni Mubarak's regime.

According to Egypt's most popular newspaper, Al Arma, the 25-year-old couple decided to name their first daughter after the social network, created by Mark Zuckerberg, by way of celebration in the wake of former dictator Mubarak's downfalldespite the fact that the future of Egypt still hangs in the balance. The full name on the little girl's birth certificate will be"Facebook" Jamal Ibrahim.

While the little girl may just as easily have been named "YouTube", "Twitter" or "Google", it would seem that Facebook has become a name that symbolizes the possibilities posed by the social media for spreading the message of freedom.

Source: eitb

Workers at airports call 22 days of strikes during tourist seasons

Workers at the state-owned company that runs Spain's airports on Tuesday called 22 days of rolling strikes during peak tourist seasons to protest government plans to sell off half of the firm.
Both sides, however, have said they are still open to negotiations and there is still time to avert the stoppage.

Cesar Revuelta, an AENA union representative, said the strike has been called as workers fear wage reductions and other benefit cuts once private investors take a stake in the firm.

Union papers filed with the Labor Ministry say the workers will strike April 20 and continue into Good Thursday and Easter Sunday. Other strike days are planned for May, June, July and August. But the document also said there is "enough" time to negotiate and avert a strike, Revuelta said.

Source. eitb.com