dimecres, 9 de març de 2011

Egyptian couple name their daughter 'Facebook'

While in some countries the risks posed by social networks do nothing more than worry parents, in others people can't do enough to show their appreciation for what social networks have done for their country and its residents. This is what occurred in the case of two Egyptian parents who decided to name their daughterFacebook as a way of celebrating the fall of Hosni Mubarak's regime.

According to Egypt's most popular newspaper, Al Arma, the 25-year-old couple decided to name their first daughter after the social network, created by Mark Zuckerberg, by way of celebration in the wake of former dictator Mubarak's downfalldespite the fact that the future of Egypt still hangs in the balance. The full name on the little girl's birth certificate will be"Facebook" Jamal Ibrahim.

While the little girl may just as easily have been named "YouTube", "Twitter" or "Google", it would seem that Facebook has become a name that symbolizes the possibilities posed by the social media for spreading the message of freedom.

Source: eitb

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