dilluns, 16 de maig de 2011


  • The suspect was detained by security guards after he allegedly ran out of the supermarket with the blood-soaked head in his hands.

  • Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, Kate McCann said she wanted to give "an account of the truth" for the sake of her three children, but also "to share with everybody".

  • US actor Brad Pitt poses in Cannes during the presentation of his latest film, The Tree of Life, directed by Terence Malick./EFE
  • Unlawful Killing, directed by Welsh actor Keith Allen and financed by tycoon Mohamed al-Fayed, whose son Dodi also died in the same car crash, controversially unveils an image of the dying Diana.

  • Thousands of Spaniards fled this small agricultural city Thursday, fearing major aftershocks might level it after the country's deadliest earthquakes in 55 years killed nine people and caused extensive damage
  • Hints that the former supermodel is pregnant have swirled in France ever since she clutched a shawl to her belly during a newspaper interview in early May and fended off inquiries with the words "my lips are sealed to protect something...".

  • The UK press has released photos of  Kate Middleton and her sister taken some years ago in Ibiza. In one of the snaps, sister Pippa can be seen topless, much to the vexation of her family.

  • The Galaxy Entertainment Group's $1.9 billion casino is the only one scheduled to open in the southern Chinese city this year. It has 450 gambling tables and 1,500 slot machines.
  • Howard Gardner's work has been "decisive for the evolution of educational models by taking into account the innate potentialities of each individual."

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