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Amy Winehouse told: stop drinking or die

Warm- up:

Do you know Rehab by Amy Winehouse? Here's the official video and the lyrics.

Look at the picture and ask your partner for details about his/her picture to find similarities and differences between them.

Tell your partner what your text is about. Listen to each other and then exchange opinions about the topic and the content of the texts.

Amy Winehouse checked herself into rehabilitation some days ago after falling off the wagon again. This time, however, doctors are said to be extremely worried about the singer's health and have even warned that this may be her last chance: Stop drinking or die.

On previous occasions, father Mitch would encourage daughter Amy to seek medical help. But "this time, she made the decision to enter the clinic herself. . But only Amy Winehouse herself can fight her addiction through willpower.

Amy previously underwent rehabilitation on several previous occasions between 2007 and 2009, but continually gave in to her addictions.

To know more on the topic
In turns, ask your partner three questions about the following subjects and answer his/her questions. Start with the first one.
- Her addictions (smoking, beating her nails, eating too much, etc) and difficulty to break with them.
- How you overcame a problem with her willpower.
- How her family can helped her in a difficult situation.
- When she drinks alcohol and why (to celebrate things, with meals, because she's sad...)
- Advice on how to avoid being and addict.

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