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Talk about the size of families in the past and at the present.

Watch  this video of an extended family and explain it to your partner.

What are boomerang children? Watch this short video and find out.

Useful vocabulary:
- a recent poll : una enquesta recent
- tough times: temps dolents, durs, de crisi
- saving: estalviant
- my folks: els meus pares
- a loser : un perdedor
- downsides, snags: incovenients

- privacy: privacitat
- household chores: tasques domèstiques
- move back: tornar a viure amb
- He's seen better days: ha vist millor dies (s'ha mort)
- mortgage payments: pagaments de l'hipoteca

What types of families are there? Read this article.

What type of family is making a comeback? Read this article.

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