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France ban the burka - Sound on

Listen (don't watch) to the video with no image. Interpret the news. Describe it to your partner.

Read this information to help you understand the video better. Use wordreference.com.

Approximately two women were detained in France while they had been
wearing the Islamic veils across their faces, after a law banning the
garment in public had came into force.
Police stated that they had only been held not because of their veils
but because of joining an unauthorised protest against the ban.
France is the first country to ban the wearing of the burqa
which many Muslims regard as a religious farz (duty).
Anyone who are caught breaking the law will be held responsible 
to a pay the fine of 150 euros and a citizenship course.
People who are forcing the women to wear the veil face a much larger
fine and also face a prison sentence of at least two years.
It is unclear whether the women who are detained at the protest will also
face a fine for their veils.
They were taken part in a demonstration just outside the Paris'
Notre Dame cathedral. Police had reported that the protest 
was not authorised and so people had been asked to move on.
When they had refused, they had been arrested.
Under the law, any woman who are walking on the street or in a park
in France and are wearing a face-concealing veil could be stopped
by the police and then given a fine.
Guidelines issued to the police state that they must not ask the women
to remove their veils in the street, but must escort them to 
a police station where they will be asked to uncover their faces for identification.
The French government stated that the face-covering veil undermines
the basic standards which is required for living in a shared society and
also it relegates the wearers to an inferior status who are incompatible
with the French notions of equality.
The ban on face coverings had angered many Muslims and libertarians.

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