dimarts, 26 d’abril de 2011

New York's rat population out of control

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City workers are  trapping  hundreds of rats that are emerging in basements, and trash cans, terrorizing residents who can’t rid them from their neighborhoods.

“April is breeding season,” said John Meaney, director of environmental services at Boston’s Inspectional Services Department. “It’s warm weather. People are eating outside more and littering more.” And that means more rats.

“I was so traumatized,” said Stein, a music theory professor who once caught a rat as large as a cat. “You are constantly listening for them. You constantly wonder if you smell another dead rat. It was really horrible.”

Meaney said residents can guard against infestations by keeping trash lids tight, cleaning yards, making sure doors and windows are sealed and checking for holes, even small ones, in home foundations. “Any hole over the size of a quarter in a foundation is potential entry for a rat,” he said.

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