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Mother's Day

  • Temps previst: 20-25 minuts
  • Es puntua la capacitat d'interacció de la persona candidata, la pronúncia, la competència gramatical i l'ús de vocabulari

Look at the picture and ask your partner for details about his/her picture to find similarities and differences between them. 

Tell your partner what your text is about. Listen to each other and then exchange opinions about the topic and the content of the texts. 

Student A: Describe this photo.

Student B: Describe this photo

To know more on the topic
In turns, ask your partner three questions about the following subjects and answer his/her questions. Start with the first one.

- The importance of your mother and father in your life: how well you got on with them or how they influenced on you, what you copied from them.
- The characteristics of a good mother or a good father.
- The importance of  celebration of Mother's Day or (Father's Day) for you partner, how often she has celebrated it, what presents she has given or received.

Now watch this video and write the kids' responses that you understand:

or listen to this song and try to get the lyrics:

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